There are many different ways of making a gingerbread house, and you can find patterns for it on the Internet to download. But from the smallest log cabin to the biggest walk-in house, you need to consider the following:

-The space you have for a house to be displayed for 3-4 weeks.
-The time you have available for making the house.
-The money you can afford to spend on your creation.

The patterns you can download from this page are for the houses I made in 2002, and if you are completely new to baking gingerbread houses I suggest you make a basic 4 wall house with a roof as your first project. The middle part of my design is a stand-alone house and can be used without cutting out for windows. Instead you can use icing sugar to draw windows and door. This will make a very stabile, easy made first time house.
How to make the pattern:
Click on the link to the left and download the zip file Print out all the files included, or alternatively, open and print the 8 PDF files to the left directly from here one by one. In order to read PDF files, you need to have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® installed in your computer. You can DOWNLOAD the latest Acrobat® Reader® for free from Adobe's website.
You will now have 8 A4 sheets of pattern.
For best result, either print on thick paper, 170g for example, or glue the sheets to cardboard to make a sturdier pattern. You can also print on plastic acetate sheets which makes long lasting pattern you can wipe after use. Cut out all the pieces and cut out openings for windows and door.