This part of my web-site presents work I started summer 2004, and I am adding new cards to the collections every now and then. The greeting cards started off as cards I made for family and friends and printed on my home printer. As every card was personalised, the amount of cards soon reached a considerable collection, and I decided to put them on my web-site as part of my portfolio. Then came the idea to make them available for anyone to print.
These cards are available for non-commercial download, print and use. You are not permitted to change the designs in any way, copyright belongs to me although you can download as many copies and print as many cards as you like, for your own private use.

Please read the sections about how to download the cards and how to print them before starting. Follow the instructions and you can achieve a very good result, even with a cheap home printer.
I have great fun making the cards and I still have lots of new ideas on the drawing board.
If you want to print and sell these cards commercially for me, please get in touch :-)
And if you just want to get in touch, please do! A message in my guestbook is highly appreciated. Let me know which cards you preferred or what type of cards you would like to see more of here.
Have fun!
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