Web-design has interested me from the first day I was able to connect to the Internet, in early 1999. The Internet is a medium open to anyone, from the most basic amateurish web-page to the most advanced professional corporate web-site. That is the beauty of the Internet, but also the downside of it. There is so much rubbish out there! Fortunately there is enough space for all of us, regardless of level of creativity and design skills.
  EuroClub is a non-profit making language club run by its members. I was asked to make them a new web-site and logo to replace their old web-site. The new web-site was meant firstly to attract new members to the club and secondly to present the club and their activities. I am currently the web-master of the web-site and I do the monthly updates. www.euroclub.co.uk
  The Richard Swatton web-site was my first real work for a real client and I maintained and upgraded it for a while until Richard Swatton decided to leave the project. The web-site presents Richard Swatton, his music and his work in psychotherapy and astrology. Made in 2003-2004.
  Here is the homepage for the Graphicality Web-site, the site you are currently viewing. This web-site is a merge between 3 different web-sites, and now also includes my CV and some personal info.
  Here is the second web-site from my HNC course, and this one was made as a group project. The web-site Salsados is made for a real client, a couple who teaches salsa at a dance club in London. Made in December 2001.
  The web-site Digital Artists was my first web-site project as a HNC student in Multimedia and Web-design, and I made it in March 2001. Design, layout and content was up to us students to choose, the brief was to make a business type of web-site for a company selling digital images.
  Crackers Cat Food is not a real company, and I made the web-site just to see if I could make something different from the family web-site. It is completely made up from one end to another, including the products and the customers. Made in December 2000.
  Here is the next web-site project, which I started as soon as I was established in London in 1999. The web-site developed into an online photo album where I put pictures from holidays and events, and it quickly grew out of the max 15MB space I had with Freeserve. Most of the content is now part of my main web-site 'Graphicality' and the rest is removed. Home page showed here just for illustrational purpose.
This web-site was my very first project, and I was a complete new beginner when I started in early spring 1999. It was supposed to be a joint project between my son and myself, for me at least in the style of one hand on the keyboard, the other hand holding my first book in easy web-page building, but the project was eventually abandoned by both of us as we had more important things to do; moving to London! I have kept the web-site as it is though, unfinished and incredibly amateurish...I think it is fun to look back and see where I started :-)
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