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EuroClub is a non-profit making language club run by its members. I was asked to make them a new web-site and logo to replace their old web-site. The new web-site was meant firstly to attract new members to the club and secondly to present the club and their activities. It was also a point for the club to emphasise that this EuroClub is the EuroClub in London, without having ‘London' as part of the name, since EuroClub in London was the first EuroClub in UK and therefore the original EuroClub. There are now 3 other EuroClubs in the South-East. To put emphasis on the ‘London-theme' I have used photos from famous places around London throughout the web-site.

The web-site for EuroClub was made to attract new members, both people living and working in UK and people who have just arrived to stay here.

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