MY CAT is great company and although not exactly a chatterbox himself, he is actually a good listener. Born in November 2001 he is already middleaged, like his owner I guess :-) I got him as a kitten, with his sister who unfortunately disappeared back in 2004. On my blog I have written about my cat several times, and HERE IS A STORY about when he went missing for almost 5 months and then just turned up again as if he had only been gone for a few hours!
SEE PHOTOS FROM 2011 HERE, 25 photos with optional slideshow. Just one tip for old and new visitors: down in the bottom left corner there is a text button called 'View Menu' and on the top left are two links; one back to this page and one to the main menu page. Whilst you are viewing the photos, the links in the top left corner goes away. To get the menu to show again so you can navigate back here or back to the main menu, click the 'View Menu' in the bottom left of the screen. These photos are best viewed in full screen, you will find a button for that too on the bottom line.
I also got a few videos of my cat, the first one is made up of still photos and music, the second is a short movie. They are absolutely best viewed in 720p, if you need help with how to view the movies, or have problems with slow connection, please read the instructions at the bottom of this page. For any annoying ads popping up whilst watching, just click the X inside the ad.

How to view the movies:

My movies are all filmed and saved in a quality suitable to be viewed in 720p and they all look better on a full screen. However, the higher quality movie, the larger file size, and many viewers will find that their Internet connection just isn't fast enough to stream (download) the movies directly. It will therefore be necessary to 'help' the download a bit.


To watch movies in the small window: Start the movie, press pause straight away, then in the bottom-right corner, next to the plus sign, choose for example 720p. Choosing a different quality setting will sometimes make the film start again if you were quick to press pause, but you can always drag the silver button that runs along the progress bar to the left to start from the beginning. To see the progress bar while the movie download for you: hold the mouse over the bottom part of the screen. The pink bar is what has downloaded so far and the red is what you have played already. When you have downloaded more than half the movie, press play to start the movie. If you have a very slow connection you might catch up with what you have downloaded, if that happens, press pause again and wait a bit more.


To watch the movie in full screen: click the full-screen button in the bottom-right corner of the movie, then press play and then pause immediately after and follow the same instructions as above. If your Internet connection is extremely slow, or you are trying to watch a movie on a time of day when it is at the busiest, it might take a long time to download some of my longer movies on a 720p setting. Try 480p if you can't wait for 720p, but the trade-off then will be less picture quality.


And if you get any annoying ads popping up whilst watching, just click the X inside the ad. The reason why my movies often get an ad from YouTube is because I use classical music downloaded ('borrowed') from the Internet. YouTube detects that the music isn't my original and therefore might be protected by Copyright – and in return they splash on an ad of their own choice. Not much I can do about that, except produce my own music as well as the film. Might do that some time in the future, who knows, but for now I am happy with the compromise with YouTube; they allow me to use 'borrowed' music, but the price to pay is to endure an ad, which can easily be removed as long as you know how to :-)

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