Music has always been an important part of my life, especially after my great grandmothers huge black piano arrived at our house when I was quite young. My sister, my brother and I spent hours and hours on that piano, often more than one at the time, usually making a lot of noise. My mother finally decided it was about time we got piano lessons and learned to play properly. All three of us loathed the lessons and skipped the daily practice whenever we could get away with it!
I guess at that stage we just wanted to play whatever we liked and not the ’boring stuff’ we were taught.

As an adult I wish I had spent more time learning how to play piano after sheet music, as I am still no good at that! Instead I played music I heard and that is still how I play the piano. I will always be grateful for my parents introducing us children to music; it has given me a lot of joy and still does.

At one point I was determined to become a music teacher (yeah, some people actually choose careers like that, no arms twisted….), but as often in life coincidences made me change direction, I ended up as a dental hygienist instead and music became just a hobby.

The picture to the left is from one of the Children Concerts at the garrison where we lived, the choir was made up of most of the officer’s children. My sister Beate to the left, my brother Carl-Fredrik in the middle with the harmonica and (half of) me to the right. Picture taken Christmas 1974.

This picture is from a rehearsal, probably taken in 1977, me with the cello.
This picture was taken at Christmas 1978, my brother Carl-Fredrik to the left, my sister Beate to the right and me in the front.