My computer is basically a tool I use to express my creativity; from editing photos I have taken and building web-pages to creating music. In autumn 2002 I started using a program I had wanted to learn for a long time; a program that could write sheet music and play back what I wrote. The music here on this page is the result of me tinkering with the program and trying to get to grips with the ins and outs. Since I didn't have a Midi keyboard and therefore had to write every bit of the sheet music myself, I soon realised the great disadvantage (and waste of time) this was and I then put the program aside. My plan was to buy a Midi keyboard and continue the learning process, since with a keyboard one can get the program to write what is played on the keyboard and therefore bypass some or most of the manual writing. It's 2005 when writing this, and I have not yet got a keyboard....but it's still on my 'wish list' :-)
The program I used for the music files I made can create a page with complete sheet music ready to be played on any computer. To be able to see the sheet music and to hear the music being played on your computer you need a small 'plug-in' called SCORCH. You can either download it directly from the program maker's web-site using the link to the left or open any of my music files and click on the provided link at the bottom of each page.
  Link to download

You only need to install this plug-in once and the download is only a few seconds. Alternatively you can download full installation of the plug-in for all main browsers like Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Internet Explorer. Click on the link to the left, and follow the instructions on the Scorch web-site.
To play the music you just need to have your speakers turned on, click on the link to ech music file and when the page is opened, click the play button on the bar (under the music title).

  Mp3 files: play the music files in any music program, no need to download a plug-in.  
  First Try Theme Mp3 'First Try' was my very first arrangement, when I was still trying to get to grips with the buttons and menues, and it totally ignores some of the basic rules for music notation simply because I had not yet found out how to change the key! The arrangement is based on a short tune from a Norwegian children song, here is the tune.  
  First try Mp3 And here is the arrangement I made from this 4 bar tune.  
  Minuet Mp3 This piece is a minuet for panpipes and harp, and is the only piece so far that I can take full credit for.  
  Happy Birthday Mp3 And this piece is a well-known song in a different arrangement.  
  SCORCH, sheet music with complete scores, which can be played back on the computer. The music however, is not as good as the Mp3 files, so for the best music experience, please play the Mp3 files above:  
  'First Try' Theme
  'First Try'
  Happy Birthday