So, what happened to my musical career that was plotted out when I left College? Well, life happened…. a lot of things became more important than music, and things I had thought up until then was important became less important. Just like a lot of people experience when they are at that age.
Over 10 years after finishing Music College I was asked if I wanted to join a marching band. I had never played any wind instruments at all, but could read sheet music and find my way on glockenspiel, lyre and a variety of rythm instruments and ended therefore up on 'melodic percussion instruments'. The marching band was my way back to music and I had great fun those years I was a member. Then in 1999 life took another turn and I ended up in London. In 2004 I joined a group that sets up Christmas pantomime, musicals and concerts, Barking Operatic Society, and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a British Panto for the first time in my life. The dancing became too much for me though, so I decided to leave after end of 2004.
Me with Gol Marching band, 1996   Christmas Panto: Cinderella, me to the left, 2004.
Music has been with me all the time, even if I have not been actively playing every year. The following list shows some of the things I have done over the years since the start in 1973.
Kirkenes Barnekor   (1973-1974)   (Children choir)
Barnekonserter Garnisonen i Sør-Varanger   (1974-1976)   (Children choir)
Kirkenes skoleorkester   (1975-1978)   (String orchestra)
Finnmark Symfoniorkester   (1976-1981)   (Finnmark Symphonic Orchestra)
Nordkalotten Ungdomsorkester   (1980)   (Symphonic Orchestra for all 3 Nordic Countries)
NASOL Sommersamling   (Summer 1982)   (Symphonic Orchestra)
Byneset Blandakor   (1981-1982)   (Choir)
Nidarosdomens Oratoriekor   (1982-1983)   (Choir in Nidaros Cathedral)
Heimdal Videregående Skole, musikklinjen   (1981-1984)   (Various projects at Music College)
Gol Janitsjarkorps   (1995-1998)   (Big Band/Marching Band)
Barking Operatic Society, London   (2004)   (Singing/acting and dancing)
So, to sum this up: I did not become a music teacher, nor did I become an orchestra musician. My brother was the only one of us three that made a career out of music, here is his web-site presenting him and his music:
I, on the other hand, have enjoyed many years of music as an amateur and will probably continue to do so one way or the other.