I have freshened up the design for my garden section a bit, and redesigned the way the photos are displayed from now on; after 7 years I suppose it was about time :-) I said a year ago that the winter we had broke every record in the book...but those records were broken again this winter! We have just had a winter like no other; since record began in 1910! Still, spring has already begun, and most things are on time in my garden, despite the very low temperatures we had in November, December and January. Can we get some summer records to break this year? And the right kind of records, please, not any more of those coldest July or wettest August, thank you very much – we have already broken those records!


The redesign of the photo pages mean that if you are a returning guest you will need to get used to viewing the photos in a new way, I am sure you’ll soon get used to it ;-) Just one tip for old and new visitors: down in the bottom left corner there is a text button called ‘View Menu’ and on the top left are two links; one back to this page and one to the main menu page. Whilst you are viewing the photos, the links in the top left corner goes away. Don’t ask me why, that’s how this program was written; I obviously didn’t write it! To get the menu to show again so you can navigate back here or back to the main menu, click the ‘View Menu’ in the bottom left of the screen. The rest should be self explanatory...perhaps except that you can adjust the speed of the slideshow, if you choose to view the photos that way. These photos are best viewed in full screen, you will find a button for that too on the bottom line. Enjoy!


I have started blogging this year, and a more regular update on my garden and a lot of other things I do and create can be found on my blog here: ...well worth a visit :)

  And also new of this year are my garden videos! You can find a link to them on the links list to the left. Definitely worth a visit :-)  

It is September and here is a small update as I am uploading the photos from the summer. Summer? What summer, you might say, and rightly so! We had our summer in April and May I am afraid, the rest of the time was a lot of overcast and no days over 28 degrees. The term ‘High Summer’ might have to be taken out of dictionaries soon….All the rain has been good for my garden though, and I have saved money not having to water with the hose, so I suppose it has been good for something….although I would gladly take the watering in return for weeks of great, warm weather! There is always a new year, a new summer to look forward to.....but first we need to get through the winter.

It is 20th November and I have just uploaded the autumn photos for 2011. And what an autumn we have had! The summer was pretty dire, but instead we had a heat wave in September and the warmest October and November on records. The plants in my garden are thoroughly confused, some of the spring plants have flowered for the second time this year now in the autumn and my crocuses and daffodils are on their way up already, in mid November! Now that is something I haven't seen before; they have been as early as Christmas before, but never mid November. I do wonder if we are going to continue to get this topsy-turvy weather; will we get summer in April next year too??
  The photos from my garden are divided in to four seasons which are:
Winter:   Mid November to mid March
Spring:   Mid March to mid June
Summer:   Mid June to mid September
Autumn:   Mid September to mid November
  Click below for a list of plants including the plants/trees that were already here when I moved in (marked in dark red).  
  Click below for a drawing of plants in my garden.
TIP: Open the window with the plant list and minimise it, then open the corresponding drawing. Now you can toggle between a drawing and a plant list.
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