MY BOOK project started out as thousands of digital photos on an increasing amount of CDs and DVDs. I got my first digital camera in 2004 - and have never looked back; my old Olympus OM10 from 1979 was retired from that day. 6800 photos later I made a careful selection of the photos I had taken from my own garden and discarded many more photos than I used. Of the nearly 7000 photos I had taken, some were of course family photos, but a majority were photos of flowers, plants and trees, and I have more than enough material for a similar book from Kew Garden in London – maybe there will be another book later on. :-)
The book is printed by a company in UK who develops photos and makes enlargements etc,
and you order one book at the time, which unfortunately affects the price considerably. It’s a lot cheaper to print 1200 books in one go, with an ordinary, commercial book printing company, but then you’ll have to pay for all 1200 books once they are printed, whilst this company only charges per book – and gives no discount for multiple orders. I didn’t make the book to sell it, but it is possible to make an order - for one book, or several if you wish. The book is A4 (landscape) 297x210mm, 50 pages, printed on 170 gsm gloss paper with faux leather cover, perfect bound and with a high gloss printed dust cover. Please send me an email and ask for an up-to-date price if you are considering making an order. Delivery is about 4 weeks. (UK only.)

Below you will find a link to a PDF file with all the pages including the covers for the book. If you have a reasonably large monitor you could get a 100% view of the pages, which will give you a nice view. Press F11 or Ctrl+L to get Full Screen Mode, which gives an even better view. Depending on which browser you use it might be a different key combination, if you click on ‘view' on top of your screen you should be able to find how to get a Full Screen Mode. Sorry for the large file size, pictures are notoriously difficult to compress, and one are always left with the dilemma between file size and picture quality. I hope you will agree they are worth waiting for. Enjoy!
Tip: View the PDF pages in Full Screen Mode: press Ctrl+L and use the up and down arrows on your keyboard (or F11, depending on which browser you use). Press Ctrl+L (F11) when finished.
Download the file to your computer if your Internet connection is a bit slow, or choose 'open with' if your connection is good. The slide show is best viewed in full screen mode.

I have joined a book making club, and the My Garden book is now available for anyone to buy directly! It's so easy, the price is great compared to my original printer here in the UK, and I will probably make my future books with them. The re-print of the My Garden book became slightly different from the original, as their book formats were different, but the pictures are exactly the same - only a bit smaller. Have a look at the book, don't be put off by their name – Blurb, it's a really professional printing company and I am very happy with their services.
This link will take you to their virtual book store
, where my book is presented, and where you can see a preview of the book and make an order. You will need to sign up for a free membership to make an order. You can also get a preview and go directly to the order page via the BookShow Widget below. Press the Full Screen Button to get full view. Press Escape when finished.