After a rather short gestation, helped by numerous cups of coffee and more chocolate than my hips actually can tolerate and with the aid of many long evenings and nights my baby, sorry my book number 5 is finally born. The delivery was short and relatively pain free, although my Internet connection was groaning in pain due to the rather large birth weight, but I finally got the 'Upload Completed' and I could sigh a big relief. Book number five is here. The book is my complete blog for 2011. And why on earth would anyone want their blog in a book, you might wonder, isn't it online? Well, it is, but I wanted to save it for 'forever'…and who knows how long my stuff on the Internet is going to be kept. Forever? Forever?? Well, forever is a very long time, I won't live forever, I might not even live for very long, but my books will be here for a long time.

Do you have any old books in your bookshelf? Any books that are more than 100 years old, perhaps as old as 200 years old? I find it fascinating to think that my grandchildren one day might sit down with their grandchildren and show them my books. I doubt very much that my blog will still be accessible on the Internet by then, but my books will still be here.

I have been posting things on the Internet since 1999, starting with the very first baby steps I took playing with web design and graphic design back then and although I now, 13 years later have many more people visiting my website than I could ever imagine, and same goes for my blog for that matter – my books still stands for something special to me.


Self publishing is a funny thing. You are the writer, cover designer, proof reader, agent, publisher and marketing director, all in the same person. No-one to blame if something goes wrong and all the glory to yourself if things go well. I would say proof reading is probably the most difficult and loneliest job of them all, and you should never ever proof read your own book, but I guess many people have the same problem as me, who do you ask? With a book of 342 pages it would be a big ask to hand it over to a friend or a family member, so I proof read my own books, and hope for the best. And any error you might find is solely my fault :-)

You can find my blog on the Internet here:

I have joined a book club for people who self publish, and my Graphicality_UK 2011 blog book is now available for anyone to buy directly. It's so easy, and the price is great compared to most printing companies.
This link will take you to their virtual book store
, where my books are presented, and where you can see a preview of each of the books and make an order. You will need to sign up for a free membership to make an order. You can also get a preview and go directly to the order page via the BookShow Widget below. Press the Full Screen Button to get full view. Press Escape when finished.