Here is another book about Adrian, a little boy who lives in a small village in Norway. His grandmother Eva is a good friend of mine and she regularly sends me photographs of Adrian, family and friends. I have prepared all the photos for print and made the layout and design of the book, but all the photos are taken by Eva and her family.

The book about Adrian is available to buy directly from Blurb, the company that prints my books. It's so easy and the price is great compared to most self publishing companies. This link will take you to the virtual book store, where my books are presented, and where you can see a preview of the book and make an order. You will need to sign up for a free membership to make an order.

You can also see the complete book below, turn the pages just like a proper book and go directly to the order page via the BookShow Widget below. Press the Full Screen Button in the bottom right corner to get a full view. Press Escape when finished.




Here are all the pages as a slideshow, in a slightly bigger size than the Blurb Widget and in a better quality, but the pages are one by one. To navigate: hold your mouse on the left or right side of the large photos and click to go forward or backwards. Alternatively, choose a specific thumbnail from the left side panel. Use the white arrows to move to next batch of thumbnails. When you are finished watching the photos, just close the window and you will be back here. To get Full Screen Mode, go to View, Full Screen or use the keyboard shortcuts for your browser.



Here you will find a link to a PDF file with all the pages including the covers for the book. If you have a reasonably large monitor you could get a 100% view of the pages, which will give you a nice view. To get Full Screen Mode, go to View, Full Screen or use the keyboard shortcuts for your browser. Sorry for the large file size, pictures are notoriously difficult to compress, and one are always left with the dilemma between file size and picture quality.