The book about Adrian came about because I was sent a lot of photos, starting from Adrian's birth, from his proud grandmother – a friend of mine. I decided to put all the photos together into a DVD with music, and surprised Adrian’s parents with the DVD on his 1st birthday.

Over the course of 2010 I have been sent around 250 photos of Adrian by my friend, to make a similar DVD of his second year. Then came the idea of putting all the photos into a book, as a book seems like a more lasting item than digital pictures on a disc. I do have a feeling that I will be sitting here one year from now making another book and DVD about Adrian, which I will be just delighted to do.

Below you will find a link to a PDF file with all the pages including the covers for the book. If you have a reasonably large monitor you could get a 100% view of the pages, which will give you a nice view. Press F11 or Ctrl+L to get Full Screen Mode, which gives an even better view. Depending on which browser you use it
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I have joined a book club for people who self publish, and the book about Adrian is available for anyone to buy directly! It's so easy, the price is great compared to my previous printer here in the UK, and I now make all my books with them.
This link will take you to their virtual book store
, where my books are presented, and where you can see a preview of the book and make an order. You will need to sign up for a free membership to make an order. You can also get a preview and go directly to the order page via the BookShow Widget below. Press the Full Screen Button to get full view. Press Escape when finished.